Dr Maha Hosain Aziz

Professor, Blogger & Cartoonist in Political Risk & Prediction

Dr Maha Hosain Aziz specialises in political risk & prediction across varied industries and disciplines. She is a professor focused on this topic at New York University's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (NYU GSAS), also teaching her specialty at e-learning education startup Pioneer Academics; her global risk research is also supported by NY think tank World Policy Institute and the London School Economics' Institute of Global Affairs, where she holds senior fellowships. She is a former global politics columnist for Businessweek and CNN World who blogs on political risk & prediction for the Huffington Post and its political offshoot, The WorldPost; she is also working on her first book based on her blogs on today's global legitimacy crisis. She is a cartoonist who created The Global Kid, the world's first comic book on global political risk, prediction and strategy for tween and teen readers – winner of the 2016 Wonder Woman Award, the the 2017 WEF Excellence Award, and the INSPAD Peace Award (100% of sales from the Indiegogo-crowdfunded comic book went to two global education non-profits that help youth reach their potential – Developments In Literacy and Global Glimpse); she is working on an adaptation of her 2016 debut comic into a political graphic novel for adults. And on occasion, she still consults with governments and corporates via Wikistrat, the world's first geopolitical crowdsourced consultancy, Duco and a few others. Previously, Dr. Aziz served as chairwoman of a small team that co-launched the New Silk Road Generation, the first e-mentoring program for university students in Afghanistan. She was a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Politics and International Studies Department at the University of London's SOAS, co-convening an undergraduate course on democracy, development and militant groups in South Asia. She also taught an undergraduate course on British politics and democratic institutions at the London School of Economics (LSE), winning three teaching awards. At the LSE, she was the C&J Modi/Narayanan Fellow while pursuing her doctoral research on the moral economy. Before her PhD, she worked in investment banking and media; she also earned a Bachelor's at Brown University, a Master's at Columbia University, a Master's at the LSE, and a research certification in Leveraging Crowds in the Public Sector at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.