Carmen Isáis

Emotional Resiliency Coach, Facilitator, Trainer.

Carmen Isais is an Integrative Coach specializing in Mindfulness-Based and Cognitive Coaching. She works one-on-one with select clients that are looking for deep, powerful coaching as a way to reach goals and overcome challenges in their lives. Carmen offers her clients fast, result orientated solutions. Using a cognitive, wellness and mindfulness-based approach, clients benefit from the mix of logical yet client-centered approach.

"My clients change. They are empowered to heal from traumas, break habitual patterns that are no longer resourceful, free themselves from anxiety, negative emotions and limiting beliefs."

Carmen lives in Northern California with her husband, Lee Ockenden, LMFT. In addition their one-on-one coaching practice, the two provide Marriage and Couples Retreats" based on their work together of attachment based couples counseling. The podcast is scheduled to launch in summer of 2016.

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