Majora Carter

Green Economic Thought Leader

Majora Carter founded the non-profit, Sustainable South Bronx, back in 2001 when very few people were talking about sustainability, and even less so in places like the South Bronx.

By 2003, she coined the term: "Green The Ghetto" as she pioneered one of the nation's first urban green-collar job training and placement systems. Her organization spearheaded policy and legislation that fueled demand for those jobs, and improved the lives of all New Yorkers.

She is probably the only person to have received an award from John Podesta's Center For American Progress; AND a Liberty Medal from Rupert Murdoch's: New York Post.

She has since launched a consulting company to export this knowledge base across America. Her work now includes projects across the US in the areas of Climate Adaptation, Urban Micro-AgriBusiness, and Leadership Development.

Most recently, she was named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company Magazine, and of them, one of the 10 Best Small Businesses in the US.

She is the host of Eco-Heroes on Sundance Channel, and host of her Corporation for Public Broadcasting special series: The Promised Land.

She has earned a long long list of awards and honorary degrees, including a MacArthur "genius" Fellowship;