Malia Litman

Author; former attorney

Malia Litman is best known as the author of Rebuttal to the Rogue, which resulted from her passion for women’s issues and her commitment to educating women regarding candidates for political office.

Malia grew up in a very modest home in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her four siblings. Sharing the responsibility of her college tuition, Malia worked various jobs as a nurse’s aid, gift wrapper and making cold calls for an insurance salesperson.

Nursing was her first love and she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Oklahoma. Realizing that nursing would not allow her the independence that she sought, Malia went on to law school at OU. While in law school, Malia worked as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit and the Burn ICU. In her third year of law school she taught Business Law to undergraduates in the business school at OU.

Due to dyslexia, Malia had difficulty gaining admittance to law school. After clearing the waiting list, Malia began her studies at OU Law School. She graduated in the top 10% of her class, was awarded an American Jurisprudence Award, and was a member of the OU Law Review and the Moot Court Team. Malia was selected by the faculty as the “Outstanding Law Student” from her graduating class.

Upon entering the practice of law, Malia specialized in litigation becoming a Board Certified Trial Attorney. She achieved the position of Senior Partner with the prestigious Dallas law firm of Thompson & Knight. Malia was a frequent speaker at Continuing Legal Education Programs around the State of Texas where fellow attorneys were her audience. She enjoyed the reputation of being a very successful trial attorney.

Twelve years after beginning her career as an extremely successful trial attorney, Malia made the difficult decision to “opt out” of her career to devote herself to raising her three children and ensuring the success of her marriage. Fourteen years later, with two kids in college, and a third in high school, none of whom have been incarcerated or attended high school graduation with a baby in tow, she is still married to her first husband of 25 years.

Malia was happy with her family but not with the state of the country. For the first time in her life, Malia became involved in politics working locally in Dallas, and for a short time in Ohio, to ensure the election of Barack Obama.
Even though Malia never aspired to become an author, she felt passionately that women around the country should take note of the accomplishments of women in the election of 2008. As a former trial attorney Malia was accustomed to making people accountable for the truth of what they said, and in the event Malia saw things differently than a witness, it was her job to present the opposing side, and let the jury/audience be the judge. Rebuttal to the Rogue is Malia’s attempt to ensure that all the facts are presented regarding Sarah Palin and to give people around the country the opportunity to be the judge.