Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Expert in Mindfulness Consulting & Training

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy finished her Doctorate in Psychology of Management Consulting, while going through a chaotic and emotional divorce. She overcame many challenges throughout her life, co-founded Mindful Valley, founded Perfectly Here and Mindful Business Institute. She became certified and Authorized to teach Mindfulness courses designed by UCLA Semel Institute, Mindful Awareness Research Center. She designed Mindful Employee (ME), trains and coaches corporations in Mindfulness-Based programs and is the Executive Director and full time Mindfulness teacher at Perfectly Here in Tarzana. She has trained companies like Disney and Health Net. In June of 2017 she experienced the most devastating event of her life, loosing her beloved son who was only 26 years old to opioid addiction. This event tore her apart in so many ways. She experienced such sorrow that within the first month of his passing she fainted everyday. Her brain would shot down of the immensity of the pain. When most mothers may be ruined for life, reaching into her own Magnificent Self, Manijeh gradually yet, relatively quickly recovered and living life with grace and equanimity. She is offering classes to those who grieve so that they may learn how to live again peacefully and joyfully. Ever since childhood, Manijeh sought after inner peace and joy. She found such peace in communing with rocks and ants, fallen leaves and streams. Growing up her grandmother was her inspiration in so many ways especially in the matters of the heart, forgiveness, generosity, compassion, Loving Kindness and gratitude. When she finally came to the practice of Mindfulness, though it felt like home, Manijeh found herself having a hard time to meditate and stay with the breath. It was the practices of loving kindness that helped her excel in meditation and Mindfulness. Manijeh has attended numerous 10 day silent retreats and has accumulated thousands of hours of practice in Mindfulness and meditation with an emphasis on loving kindness. Her Mindfulness teachers have included Diana Winston, Ajahn Yatiko and Ajahn Amaro. Currently, she practices her spiritual path with Ajahn Pasanno, the Abbot of Abhayagiri monastery in Redwood Valley. In addition to the yearly 10 day silent retreats, Manijeh takes 1-2 weeks a few times a year to visit the Abhayagiri immersing herself with wisdom practices, constantly inquiring into teachings that lead to clarity and abandoning the causes of both suffering and happiness. Manijeh has written over a hundred poems, a way to express her sorrows and joys, her vision and understandings of life. She is fierce in challenging her students and clients to see things as they are and to raise the bar on their happiness. She is greatly appreciated and loved by her students and private clients for her non-judgment, heart of kindness and gentle approach.