Marc Erlbaum

Filmmaker and Social Activist

Marc Erlbaum is the founder and president of Nationlight Productions, a production company that produces positive, uplifting feature films for audiences of all backgrounds and affiliations. Nationlight flms include Café, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, which Erlbaum wrote and directed, and which won the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival, as well as Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell. Erlbaum just completed his latest feature film, Whisper, which will be released this fall. Erlbaum is also a social activist. He is the co-founder of The Jewish Relief Agency, the largest volunteer food relief organization in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Recently, Erlbaum founded Common Party, a non-political, social movement that aims to bring people back together in this divisive time through the focus on, and celebration of, our overwhelming commonality.