Marci Lebowitz

Autism specialist, OT, author, and dynamic speaker helping parents understand their not-so-verbal autistic child.

Marci is an autism specialist, OT, author and dynamic speaker who loves educating parents, extended families and professionals on how to relate to, understand and communicate with their autistic children.

During Marci’s expansive autism career, she has worked in private practice with families, hospitals, a prison medical facility (whoa!), outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, schools and is now developing groundbreaking online training curriculum.

She has been called “The Mary Poppins of Autism” for her heart-centered, but structured approach to autism. She has developed autism nonverbal communication systems, behavior management systems, powerful sensory calming strategies, and alternatives to physical restraints.

She is the author of two books, The Conscious Parent's Guide to Autism and Autism Simplified for Parents.

Find out more at or @lebowitzmarci