Marcos Troyjo

Director of BRICLab at Columbia University, Global Affairs Scholar

Professor Marcos Troyjo is co-founder and director of BRICLab at Columbia University, where he teaches international affairs. He is also director of ITTI (Intelligent Tech & Trade Initiative). He is an op-ed columnist for Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil´s biggest circulation newspaper, and a regular commentator for global media outlets such as CNN en Español and Financial Times. Professor Troyjo is also the president and founder of the Center for Business Diplomacy, a global advisory firm. He holds a PhD in sociology of international relations from the University of São Paulo with postdoctoral studies at Columbia. He is a Visiting Professor at the Russian Presidential Academy (Ranepa). He writes extensively on foreign affairs, international trade, rising powers, globalization, technology & innovation, and Brazil's political and economic prospects. Professor Troyjo authors books on economic development and global affairs, including 'Trading Nation: Power & Prosperity in the 21st Century' (listed by Americas Quarterly as one of the hemisphere´s best books in 2007). His latest book is 'Deglobalization: Chronicle of a Changing World' (2016).