Margaret Carlson


Margaret Carlson is a panelist on CNN's The Capital Gang, which also features Robert Novak, Mark Shields, Kate O'Beirne and Al Hunt. She joined the 30-minute program on the eve of its fifth anniversary in October 1993.

Additionally, Carlson also contributes to GQ magazine and is on staff with TIME magazine.

Previously, Carlson was a White House correspondent and deputy Washington bureau chief for the magazine. She covered President Bill Clinton and Bob Dole's presidential campaigns in 1996.

Carlson joined TIME in January 1988 from The New Republic, where she was managing editor. With the 1994 start of her former TIME column, Public Eye, she became the first woman columnist in the magazine's history.

Her journalism career includes time as Washington bureau chief for Esquire magazine, editor of Washington Weekly and editor of the Legal Times of Washington.

Carlson earned her bachelor's degree in English from Pennsylvania State University. She also earned a law degree from George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C.