Margaux Khoury

CEO of The Best Deodorant In The World

Creator and lover of plant based and vegan companies, Margaux is the founder and CEO of one of the most popular organic, natural, cruelty-free deodorants, “The Best Deodorant In The World”, a company she started out of her kitchen. It's mission is to turn a necessity like deodorant into a force for social impact. 3 Causes: ~ Her company provides one full year of clean drinking water for every deodorant sold. 1 jar = 1 year for 1 person. The goal is to save 4000 children a day. ~ The First day of every month, 100% of sales goes to animal advocacy groups. ~ The company is 100% plastic free. Even the shipping material is zero waste. Operating by two very simple philosophies: “Humans and Animals over profit” and “Profit With a Purpose”, she has been able to follow her heart and create a thriving company that truly makes an impact. When she is not with her husband and 3 children, much of her time is spent fostering her close friendships with many of the world’s most accomplished and respected practitioners, doctors, midwives, authors, speakers, medical professionals, natural living celebrities and other conscious, ethical entrepreneurs like her. She just completed a book “Ultimate Guide To Organic Groceries” with Joanne Young, who is personal chef to Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. Private group: