Margery Leveen Sher

Author and Speaker - Alert Mindfulness, Essential Leadership Skill

Do you know what broccoli, zippers, and human idiosyn-crazies ™ have in common? Mindfulness. When I talk about mindfulness, I don’t mean meditation. I mean being in the moment; paying attention to your surroundings and to the way work gets done and the way people behave. I call this type of mindfulness, Noticing. Noticing “zippers” – simple solutions that work; Noticing “broccoli” – repeating patterns that could be replicated or maybe should be disrupted; and Noticing human idiosyn-crazies ™ - the endearingly dumb things we all do. For years I designed work-life balance strategies, policies, and programs for companies. I co-founded a consulting firm that was eventually acquired by Caliber Associates and then ICF International, where I held senior leadership positions. I have developed a number of non-profit organizations and two charitable funds. I have written a book on corporate child care, as well as a myriad of articles on work-life balance. I have a Master's Degree in Developmental Psychology from Rutgers. Several years ago I founded The Did Ya Notice? Project. The vision is to create a world of Noticers which will enable people to lead richer lives both at home and in the workplace. Noticing in the workplace is essential to leadership, team building, and improving communication skills. In addition to my Huffington Post blog, I have my own blog at I am the author of The Noticer's Guide to Living and Laughing, which is available on Amazon, Nook, and iTunes. My extensive background with employer work-life policies combined with my commitment to mindfulness, and intertwined with my sense of humor, make me a memorable keynote speaker who will actually advance change. If you are interested in having a speaker on leadership, teamwork, and communications - with a unique approach - please contact me at