Margo T. Oge

Author of DRIVING THE FUTURE: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars, & former Director of the US EPA

Margo Oge is a Distinguished Fellow with ClimateWorks and the author of the book "Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars," published by Arcade Press. She served the United States Environmental Protection Agency for over 32 years. Most recently, she was the former director of the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality(OTAQ). As director of OTAQ, she was instrumental in the EPA’s efforts to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the U.S. transportation sector. Under her leadership, EPA finalized two significant rules in 2010: the Agency’s first-ever national greenhouse gas emission standards for cars and trucks and the final expanded renewable fuels standard, which will significantly increase the volume of biofuels in our nation’s fuel supply. Other successes completed by EPA under Oge’s guidance include the clean Tier 2 vehicle and gasoline sulfur program, the 2007 clean diesel truck and bus program, and the clean non-road diesel engine and fuels program. To recognize her leadership in shepherding the Tier 2 and heavy duty diesel rules to fruition, Oge was the first nonpolitical appointee to be awarded the Woman of Achievement Award from the Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment. In addition, she was a recipient of the 2004 Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank Award for her outstanding leadership on environmental transportation issues and is a previous winner of the US Presidential Meritorious Award. In 2009, she received the California Air Resources Board’s Haagen-Smit Clean Air Award for her efforts to protect California air quality and public health.