Marguerite Orane

Joy Enabler, Strategy Guide. Leadership Coach

Marguerite Orane is serious about joy – at work, play, home – wherever you are, Marguerite believes that joy should be! With her MBA from Harvard Business School, over 25 years of facilitative consulting experience and a lifetime of entrepreneurship, Marguerite has come to realize that it is the individual who makes the difference. In particular, when leaders are authentically tuned into their Self, they are able to act from a place of presence, grace, joy and authenticity – thus enriching the lives of others they encounter and serve. Marguerite was also very fortunate to have had a mother who nurtured her children wisely and allowed them to express their true selves. Her mother, Daisy when in her sixties, left the traditional church to explore “New Thought”. She invited her children to join her, and all accepted. With the “New Thought” grounding and her business acumen, Marguerite has become a dynamic and motivating speaker, known for her insights on leadership, entrepreneurship and personal growth. She is recognized for her energetic, passionate approach to facilitating and coaching positive growth and transformation in organizations and individuals. In delivering her workshops, coaching and speeches she draws on her life repertoire of skills and experiences in business, travel, parenting, marathon running, yoga, dance and drama - and her inborn "Joie de vivre - ensuring a connection with her audience that is deep and abiding. She has addressed conferences throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa, India and a swath of Caribbean islands, including Jamaica, her native home. For more on Marguerite, and her passion for JOY - check and