Maria Montgomery

Writer, Director, Social Entrepreneur, Change Maker, Hyper Creative, Potentially Funny

A friend of mine once described me by saying “One minute she’s like the Dalai Lama, the next a dizzy blonde” and maybe that does sum me up… 

I’m definitively blonde, blue-eyed and Swedish, but I left my home for the world and trained as an actor and director at KADA in London and as a producer at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles. I also did various life coaching courses that gave me diplomas saying I can transform people’s lives. In other words: I was trained to help you fix your life using a sufficient amount of drama to turn it into a Hollywood blockbuster with a guaranteed happy ending and a franchise opportunity. Along the road I lived in six different countries and had every imaginable job under the sun, including working as a PA to the CEO of an equity company and as a sales manager for the UK’s largest online contemporary art gallery, specializing in selling Damien Hirst’s incredible dots.
 When I got tired of selling dots I decided to do what I love and become a freelancer working in creative fields, doing mainly directing, writing and branding, and move to Cape Town to work with charity. I ended up working for Little Angels (, where I am now an honorary board member, spokesperson and one of the heads for the youth program. In Cape Town I also finally decided to set up my own social enterprise, Magique (, for which I spent years developing the products and am now, finally, ready to baby steps!