Marianne Curan

Actress; Writer; TV and Radio Host

Marianne loves to do funny. She studied sketch comedy with LA’s famous Groundlings and skewered the news on stage and TV for years with DC’s, political troupe, Gross National Product (so much for that Broadcast Journalism degree.) Marianne also likes to make good impressions, which she did regularly on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and on Frank Caliendo’s “Frank TV” as “Martha Stewart”, “Hillary Clinton,” and “Sarah Palin.” She has guest starred on “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Big Love,” and “Law & Order: Los Angeles.” Marianne has hosted numerous television talk, style and game shows such as HGTV’s “Landscaper’s Challenge,” ABC’s “Live! with Regis” and USA’s “Before & AfterNoon Movie.” She co-hosted Game Show Network (GSN) Radio with her hunka hubby, Bob Goen, and credits driving separate cars to work for its success. She recently reprised her starring role in the one woman show, “A Kodachrome Christmas,” written by Seinfeld alum, Pat Hazell. Marianne also writes for stage and spoken word venues. Her humor essays, several of which have been featured in More Magazine online, can be found on the blog page of her website: