Marianne Glaeser MA

Midlife Coach

Marianne Glaeser is a Life Coach with a background in counselling. She specialises in Midlife-coaching, and organises Sisterhood Retreats for women in search of their midlife-vision - a vision worth living for. Living in Sub-Saharan Africa for 15 years and in Asia for 2 years has turned her from an Austrian into more of a global citizen. Her clientele ranged from victims of torture, rape, and sex-trafficking, to traumatised slum-kids all the way to the powerful and highly advantaged of our society. The breadth of experiences, the variety of cultures and life-perspectives she has been privileged to witness have shaped her deeply. Marianne has come to appreciate the key role of forgiveness for inner freedom and happiness. Her conviction that we are all wired for connection is at her core; She has been writing since she was able to assemble letters to words, loves to share her colourful life and insights, and relishes in others doing the same. Marianne is a mother to 3 beautiful sons and a wife to her husband of soon 30 adventurous years. Presently she lives in Rome/ Italy. Find out more on