Marianne Messina

Editor, writer, musician, friend to beasties and forever student of the unexpected

Editor and journalist Marianne Messina spent 10 years covering performing arts for Metro Silicon Valley, in CA. She developed four unique online magazines at FriendFinder, and spent 3 years as their managing editor before relocating to New England to develop a web community and magazine for the Rhody arts community, ArtsmashRI. As storyteller and marketing editor, she has helped translate expert research into story form, including latest findings in the field of health, sleep, and brain science pertaining to Binge Eating Disorder, working with BED expert Dr. Ralph Carson (The Brain Fix). Messina keeps up her journalism chops by covering issues that matter: wildlife and conservation. She occasionally writes in other genres, including an award-winning screenplay (Rhode Island Film Fest), and shuttles dogs to homes for Bullmastiff Rescuers International (BRI).