Maria Elena Paganini

journalist, Tv Presenter , Hansa Living Magazine Editor, art lover, travel lover & bon vivant

Regarded as one of the most attractive faces of the Marbella jet set, cultured and classy, this is also a woman who is totally at home in the high society of Argentina. She is a descendant of the famous violinist Nicolás Paganini, of the political leader Lisandro de la Torre (one of the most respected men in the political panorama of Argentina); niece of the great painter and architect Carlos de la Torre (the driving force, the “alma mater” of the first sky scraper in Latin America, the “Edificio Kavanagh” in Buenos Aires); daughter of Eduardo Lisandro Paganini de la Torre, notary and author of various books about Greek mythology, and niece of the painter Jorge Paganini de la Torre who has exhibited in various museums in Argentina. From a very early age she has lived a very intense social life which goes much further than the merely superficial: theatre, artistic exhibitions, literary workshops and political meetings, although she has also always appreciated the glamour of the high society parties that she has attended with great enthusiasm over the years in the various cosmopolitan cities in which she has lived: Rosario, Buenos Aires, Punta del Este, Miami, Munich, New York and now Marbella. All these places have left their mark on this cosmopolitan city dweller’s soul, which, however, remains 100% Argentine, as she herself will tell you. -Journalist -Editor of Hansa Living -Presenter of Marbella Cool Tv show.