Mariel Vilella

Managing Director with Zero Waste Europe/GAIA

Mariel Vilella is Managing Director and leads the Climate, Energy and Air Pollution Policy Programme with Zero Waste Europe/GAIA - Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives. Based in Manchester, UK, she guides the Alliance’s work on zero waste project guidelines for major sources of climate finance, and international and European climate and energy policy with impacts on the waste sector. In 2011, she was the lead author of the report 'The European Union's Double Standards on Waste and Climate Policy'. Within Zero Waste Europe, she assists with the management and the coordination of the network activities in collaboration with GAIA members worldwide that are promoting zero waste policies and practices with special emphasis on the participation and inclusion of waste workers and communities. Ms.Vilella has training in Sociology and Communication Studies, and has broad experience in environmental issues, publications development, and research.