Mariela Dabbah

Author, Education Expert

For the last fifteen years Mariela has devoted her enormous energy to
helping young Latino students, women and professionals succeed in their
quest of education and successful careers in the United States.

In this mission she has authored several award winning, best-selling
books to help Latinos navigate the American system:
Latinos in College: Your guide to Success, (Winner of the 2010 International Latino Book Award for Best Reference in English) Help your
Children Succeed in School, Help your Children Succeed in High School and Go
to College, (both best sellers, Criticas Magazine,) How to Get a Job in the
U.S., and co-authored The Latino Advantage in the Workplace. Her new
book El poder de la mujer will be published by Penguin in March 2012

In 2009 Mariela created the first online/offline all encompassing platform
t o help Latino student s succeed in college. The website offers resources, tools and connections for
Latino students and their families and it’s the place for benefactors to tell
young, upper mobile Latinos of their programs and products.

As a national speaker, Mariela has presented at Procter and Gamble,
General Electric, Citigroup, AIG, Exxon/Mobil, HBO, Goldman Sachs,
Verizon, JPMorganChase, McDonald’s, the College Board, Harvard, Yale
and Columbia, Multicultural Women Conference, National Society of
Hispanic MBAs among many other companies, organizations and
professional conferences.

Mariela is a frequent guest expert on Latino education and success on TV
and radio shows: “All things considered” (NPR,) “Good Morning
America” (ABC,) “Today in New York” (NBC,) “Newsroom” (CNN,)
“Despierta América” (Univision,) “Noticiero Nacional Univisión”
“Notimujer” (CNN,) to name a few. She’s also the education expert on
Univision 41 (New York.)

Mariela is the education and career coach at the AOL Latino
Women Empowerment site Tu Voz: sponsored by
Ford. She’s a columnist for Huffington Post’s Latino Voices and for Fox
News Latin