Marielena Hincapié

Executive director, National Immigration Law Center

Marielena Hincapie is executive director of the National Immigration Law Center. She is a public interest lawyer who specializes in protecting and advancing the rights of immigrant workers, particularly those who are undocumented. She has authored numerous publications and policy analyses, provided strategic assistance and training to thousands of legal and social service providers, and to labor unions and community-based organizations. Ms. Hincapie is also a frequent lecturer at national and international conferences addressing issues of migration. She has litigated law reform and impact litigation cases dealing with the intersection of immigration laws and employment/labor laws. Ms. Hincapie serves on the American Bar Association's Commission on Immigration, and on the executive committee of the National Lawyers Guild's Labor and Employment Committee. She is the youngest of 10 children, and an immigrant from Medellin, Colombia.