Mario Martinez Jr.

Mario is the CEO of M3Jr Growth Strategies, a Keynote Speaker, Sales Expert and a Champion of Social Selling.

Mario is the CEO of M3Jr Growth Strategies, and is a Keynote Speaker, Sales expert and the Social Selling Champion. Counted among some of the top Social Selling leaders in the world, Mario teaches marketers, sales leaders, reps, and business owners how to grow company revenues, develop an engaging personal brand, and attract today’s modern buyer using social networks! He spent the last 74 consecutive quarters in Sales and Leadership, growing and managing hundreds of millions of dollars a year in sales revenue in the Global, Enterprise, Commercial, SMB and Public Sector segments. As a sought-after Keynote Speaker, he has spoken to crowds of up to 20,000 listeners, has been featured in Forbes, INC., the, is a contributor to the Huffington Post and has been asked to speak by brands such as LinkedIn, SAP, and Cisco to name a few. Most recently he was named as one of the Top 10 Sales Guru’s in the world by Rise Market Insight. Follow him on LinkedIn at, on Twitter at or view his website at