Maritere Rodríguez Bellas

Author, free-lance writer, blogger in LA

Maritere, or Mari, as she is known by family and friends, is a bilingual and bicultural, free-lance writer, blogger and author with a degree in communications from Pepperdine University in California. Realizing she could combine her two life passions, writing and motherhood, Maritere became a voice for Latino parents long before the existence of online parenting resources. For eleven years, Maritere wrote a highly regarded and influential parenting column for La Opinión, the largest Spanish language newspaper in the country. For four years, her articles appeared in Vista magazine, distributed nationally and online via the ImpreMedia group, in the top 15 U.S. Hispanic markets. A parenting blogger since the fall of 2014, she has been featured in HuffPost Voces, and Todobebé.com and is a contributor to, HuffPost Latino Voices and Mamá She appears regularly on Spanish language media where she shares her expertise as a seasoned latina mom. Her website www.maritererodriguezbellas, where she blogs, is a place where she shares her wisdom and that of others in their bilingual and bicultural parenting journey.

Rodriguez Bellas first book, Raising BilingualChildren/Cómo Criar Niños Bilingues, was published by Simon and Schuster in the fall of 2014 and received a finalist award at The International Latino Book Awards in 2015. This book offers tips, advice and resources for parents raising children with two or more languages.

In her second book second book, Arroz con Pollo and Apple Pie: Raising Bicultural Children, Maritere distills her wisdom into one unified tome, offering immigrant parents a comprehensive guide for understanding their emotions, solving their problems and finding joy in their multicultural reality.

Maritere was born and raised in Puerto Rico.