Mark Chasan

Visionary Integrator, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Structured Finance Advisor, CEO of AWE Global, Inc.

Mark Chasan is a whole-systems integrator, visionary and futurist with deep experience in business, finance, technology, law, operations, business development, media, music, wellness and healing arts as well as a commitment to ecosystemic thriving for people and planet. Mark is currently the CEO of AWE Global, Inc. and Transformative, Inc. AWE’s mission is to create an abundant, well & enlightened world by fostering social and economic change through regenerative community development, corporate social responsibility, organizational transformation, optimal wellness, and ongoing innovation. Transformative helps socially & ecologically conscious entrepreneurs and businesses get the resources (e.g., capital, human, technological, market and property) needed to succeed. Mark has a track record as 1) an Internet entrepreneur & innovator with a public exit (Founder & CEO of Emusic); 2) a Fortune 25 executive (Leader of IBM’s Digital Media Consulting Practice); 3) a lawyer (Special Counsel to Hobson, Bernardino + Davis); 4) renewable energy structured finance executive (VP of Business Development and General Counsel for Clean Fund); and 5) a merchant banker, strategic consultant & finance advisor who has participated in over $300 million of financial transactions.