Mark Morford

Columnist, SFGate/San Francisco Chronicle; Author, 'The Daring Spectacle: Adventures in Deviant Journalism', ERYT yoga instructor

Mark Morford has been writing award-winning columns and cultural criticism for SFGate and the San Francisco Chronicle for 15 years, as well as teaching popular yoga classes in San Francisco for nearly as long. He’s a contributing writer for numerous publications including HuffPo, Yoga Journal, The Sun, Sex+Design, and many more, and is the author of 'The Daring Spectacle: Adventures in Deviant Journalism' (released 2010) and Mark Morford's Apothecary iOS app (released 2013).

A certified ERYT-500 yoga instructor, he also created the Yoga for Writers (Y4W) program for inspired yogis, and leads classes, immersions and retreats in various warm parts of the world. He was raised by nubile, long-eyelashed callipygian wood nymphs and spoon fed dark chocolate, raw pomegranate seeds, Shaiva Tantra meditations and 18-year-old bourbon until he could fly.

He believes in divine mystery, good lubricant, deep yoga, superlative whisky and beautifully designed small European cars. And dogs. And trees.

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