Marlise Karlin

SOS Method founder, humanitarian activist, and socially conscious entrepreneur

I’m Marlise Karlin, founder of SOS Method I travel the world helping people get in touch with their true power. And, I write about it, I’ve been called a humanitarian activist and a socially conscious entrepreneur. Since I’ve always considered myself a disruptor - this is kind of cool. I’ve been interviewed on NBC and Fox about SOS and how it has helped people of all ages and cultures. Why did I spend so much of my life researching and developing this method? I grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father. I was so unhappy I ran away from home and drowned my sadness in drugs and alcohol. All of this caused stress, which developed into chronic illnesses. No matter how many times I got well, I’d get sick again —and that’s the bad part. Here’s the good part—it fueled my search for new solutions. After 25 years of studying meditation and Eastern holistic traditions with masters from India and Japan, along with psychology and landmark science, including epigenetics and neuroplasticity - I condensed a millennium of mind-boggling knowledge to make it a relatable and easy-to- use practice that anyone can enjoy. I call it SOS! All that studying and research paid off—the SOS Method produced remarkable results from the start. That made me so happy! There’s nothing like seeing someone recognize their true power, Another thing I’m happy about is this: You can put SOS to use and skip the 25 years of study. Then again, it can be fun to study, so do it if you want. The positive impact SOS has on my life and the lives of people everywhere has been documented in more than a decade of case studies. The word is getting out, it’s gratifying...and so humbling. I’m sending you love to enjoy the journey for yourself.