Marquita Smith

Author of "P.S. Pray the Same for Me" and the blog How I Grew Today (HIGT)

Marquita Smith is a work in progress. Her journey to self-discovery has been a mix of some love, some pain and everything else in between. Being able to release the past and grow into a better healthier person – mind, body and soul – has given Marquita the power to inspire. She may have been born and raised in Alabama, but the world made her. Coming to the realization that her life needed to change in order to grow, she penned her first novel P.S. Pray the Same for Me, which took her on an unexpected spiritual journey of truth. The unfinished business and inherited family patterns gave Marquita the key to unlocking the doors to her emotional freedom.

Inspired by her growth, Marquita began her blog How I Grew Today (HIGT), which is dedicated to sharing growth and mindfulness in every day life. From new books and recipes to new meditations and affirmations – HIGT is a network of like-minded women (and men) who are looking to grow and extend those experiences to others.

Marquita’s motto: growth is a conscious and perpetual process, which aims to making a connection to a higher consciousness cool and easy to implement in every day life. Very much like Deepak Chopra does, who is one of the spiritual teachers she admires and looks up to. She aspires to be that female version of love and light.

There are many words that could be used to describe Marquita, but brave is how she describes herself. After 13 years in the entertainment industry, she stepped away to answer her true calling. How she has grown as a mom, and overall woman after the loss of her own mother makes her a champion for women everywhere.

As a writer, mother and enthusiast on all things that push your buttons on becoming the best version of yourself – Marquita Smith is on a mission to build a brand that encourages and nurtures through the power of releasing, growing and inspiring. She is boldly stepping into her soul’s purpose. Marquita’s next book Words Unsaid will empower her readers to find their voice.

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