Marten Weber

Author, 'Shayno,' 'Benedetto' and 'In the Mirror a Monster''

Marten Weber is of mixed parentage (a man and a woman) and has lived in more countries than he can count on hands and feet together. He speaks several languages and believes in multiculturalism, tolerance, and free champagne also in economy class.

He dislikes bigots and fanatics of all denominations. He is hugely uncomfortable with labels, even seemingly benign ones such as "gay," "straight," or "sugar-free," and prefers instead to judge people by their sense of humor and shoe size. He believes that everybody, regardless of race or gender, should be gay for a year.

Marten Weber is the author of the acclaimed 2010 novel Shayno, the biography of Casanova’s gay brother Benedetto, and several other books about the lives and lust of men.