Martha Pasternack

IAC Certified Master Coach, Fearless Living Master Coach, Mentor Coach, Fearless Living Trainer

I have what seems to be a normal, if not ordinary, life. I grew up during the '50s and '60s in a big family, in a comfortable neighborhood, on the East Coast and had lots of friends. As a teenager I traveled to Europe, Mexico and Canada with my family and the high school ski club. I earned a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters degree from prestigious nursing schools and have had no problem finding a job. My focus has been on complementary health and healing modalities from the beginning of my career I have experienced many wonderful things in my life. Nevertheless, by the age of 30, I had already experienced the tragic death of my first love, the ravages of an eating disorder, the devastation of growing up with an alcoholic parent, relationship violence, financial struggles, divorce, years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse in other relationships (including a trusted physician WITH his nurse in the room), rape, infertility, relentless chronic pain, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts related to the abuse. I was teetering on the edge of despair more times than I can count. By the grace of God, loyalty to meditation practice, descent into the Dark Night of the Soul, and prayer, I found the inner strength to take my life back at age 40 with the dream of a radiantly healthy life. I devoted myself to taking charge of my future in the present moment. I confronted grief, unhealed wounds, self doubt and, yes, despair, face to face. After working 30 years in the health care industry and helping hundreds of individuals face health and healing, I retired at 50 to fulfill my calling to care for my dying mother. I went on to become a Certified Fearless Living Coach through the Fearless Living Institute and the mentoring of Rhonda Britten and Rosie Laughlin. I created a solopreneurial life coaching business and work with women all around the world who are ready to open up to the present moment and thrive as powerful women. I now live and work joyfully from my mountain home with my husband who is passionate about growing and preserving food and living simply in a complex world. I love to interact with the natural world that surrounds my home and I am working on my new book, “The Tao of Midlife.” Are you ready to face self-love, self-doubt, fear, midlife and your desire for more joy, relaxation and confidence?