Marthina McClay

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Behavior Specialist

Marthina first learned to ride horses when she was 11 years old. At 14 she trained her 2 horses for Pole Bending and Barrel Racing. In the early 1970s she learned dog training the traditional way when her family owned Dobermans. She went on to pursue other careers but always lived with dogs and continued to train on the side. She became interested specifically in the pit bull breed in 2003. She had already begun training, studying and working with dog to dog aggression issues. Later she began rescuing/fostering pit bulls on her own in her home along with her resident pit bulls and thus Our Pack was born, a rescue, training and education organization. Her work has included large scale animal abuse cases that have occurred around the country, including the Michael Vick case. Many of these dogs are now certified therapy dogs. Her specialty is dogs that are reactive to other dogs or have leash reactivity.

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