Martin Carnoy

Professor of education and economics at Stanford University

Martin Carnoy is Vida Jacks Professor of Education and Economics at Stanford University. He is a University of Chicago Ph.D. in economics, and worked at the Brookings Institution on international trade issues before coming to Stanford. In 1968, he ran the DC primary for the Robert Kennedy campaign, in 1984, was the Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 12th congressional district, and organized economists for Clinton in California in 1992 and 1996. He has written more than 30 books on economic issues, racial inequality, and education policy. He is the co-author, with Derek Shearer, of Economic Democracy (1980), author of Sustaining the New Economy (2000), Faded Dreams (1994), Whitewashing Race (co-author, 2003), The Charter School Dust-Up (co-author, 2005), and Cuba’s Academic Advantage (2007).