Martin Hubbard

I began a search for answers that led me to the Five Core Principles outlined in my new book, Reversing the Senses.

Martin Hubbard has lived two lives, really. One that ended in a fiery crash and one that rose from the ashes to build a wonderful life with all of the success one could ask for.
Born in Houston, Texas, Martin had a fairly idyllic childhood. When he was 12, his father, a Petroleum Engineer, moved the family to Southern California. Martin graduated from The University of Redlands with a degree in Economics and Business. But not before a life-changing event that would shape everything that has happened since that time.
Martin’s best friend borrowed his car, and in a drunken haze left the road at over 100 miles per hour, hitting a tree and killing everyone instantly. When the police mistakenly assumed that it was Martin behind the wheel of the tangled mass of steel, his father got the call that no parent ever wants to receive.
Not unexpectedly, this traumatic episode changed how Martin saw the world. “You can be moving along in life, living your paradigm,” he says, “but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.”
He returned to school and completed a Master’s degree in Psychology. He then built a successful company and grew his personal wealth. But, as often happens, while his success grew… his personal life deteriorated.
Martin began a search for answers that led him to the Five Core Principles outlined in his new book, Reversing the Senses. Today, he lives by those principles and teaches them to other high achievers and leaders, helping others avoid the pitfalls that success often brings.
He is currently the principal of Core Advisors, a company launched and built to share what he has learned from his own adversity and subsequent quest for answers.
Martin lives in Orange County, California with his wife Lisa and their two children.