Martin Long

Author and High-tech Business Mentor, Candidate for Congress

Martin Long is an author and high-tech business mentor, entrepreneur and political scientist based in the Boston area. He is also a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress (in Massachusetts' 5th congressional district). He was born in Chicago, studied Political Science and Math & Computer Science at the University of Illinois, and Russian Politics and History at the London School of Economics. He traveled extensively in Eastern Europe before the fall of the Berlin wall, living in Poland for a time. He traveled extensively in South Africa before the fall of Apartheid. He likes to make sense of incomprehensible situations in the world, and in domestic politics. He has written about the historical context of terrorism. He recently finished a book about gridlock in American entitled The Reagan Memes: The Path from Reagan Conservatism to Modern Day Gridlock (and how to get out of it). He blogs at