Marwa Azab

Lecturer at CSULB & UCI, public speaker and individual/group life coach.

Marwa Azab has been interested in human behavior and why we do what we do since she was a child. Her interest compelled her to complete two advanced degrees in Psychology and a PhD in Neuroscience. This desire to understand (and predict) behaviors is complemented with an obsessive burden to disseminate any information acquired. These obsessions are manifested in various capacities; she have been teaching undergraduate students since 2003, and has also presented to various audiences ranging from first graders to seniors. She is delighted that her obsessions to spread knowledge have now acquired another outlet—please reach out on Facebook Her approach to understanding any human behavior—or misbehavior—is unique because it is Gestalt. Marwa's interdisciplinary background allows her to intersect fields and come up with innovative ways to understand “why we do what we do.”She is a firm believer that it is at these intersection foci that creativity and novelty find fertile grounds. When approaching any psychological pathology, she has a matrix that includes: genes, biology, brain health, level of sensitivity to stress, early life experiences, ethnicity, race, levels of acculturation and gender. When complex bio-psychosocial problems are treated without taking all of these factors into account, inefficient programs are devised leading the inquirer into more frustration.
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