Mary Bell

Driving Home

I am a shy extrovert. It's nuanced:). I wish that I was an astounding knitter (or even an O.K. knitter) who made those thick white cable knit sweaters way ahead of Christmas present time. I envision knitting on a sailboat on gentle summer days, tossing around deep thoughts with friends. Meanwhile: I am a wife of 34 years, and the mother of eight. I love reading, learning (my educational background is in Psychology, Biology and French), yoga, walking fast/running, clean comedy, art museums, spiritual conversations/things, musicals, beaches, cooking, baking, eating, singing, looking at the stars, the occasional easy decorating/sewing thing, laughing with my husband, children, in-laws, grandchildren, siblings, mom, friends, and all of those we love. I've published some articles, and I just signed a contract for a book.