Mary Liz Thomson

Mary Liz Thomson is a filmmaker and writer working in Los Angeles.

Mary Liz Thomson is a filmmaker working in Los Angeles. She has published political and social commentary articles on Alternet, CommonDreams, Bushwatch, The Seminol, among others. She is currently directing a feature documentary about environmentalists who risked their lives to save the redwoods. The project was edited with solar power. Mary Liz speaks spanish and this year also travelled to Nicaruaga as a Producing Consultant for a women's Television Series from the award winning non-profit, Puntos del Encuentros. She started out as an award winning documentary maker in San Francisco co-producing and directing docs on PBS, (Redwood Summer), and music videos, and writing for a culutrual zine, Komotion magazine. In Los Angeles Thomson has worked on studio and independent features, Sci-Fi Channel movies, and on TV series such as, “The Sierra Club Chronicles”.