Mary Lou Song


Mary Lou Song has always been a storyteller of sorts. With a background in journalism and media, she has a nose for news along with an innate desire to spread the proverbial word. Now, she and her husband Alex Kazim are co-founders of Tokoni Inc. (, a social media company that helps people share their first-hand stories and connect through shared experiences.

Mary Lou sees the inherent value of community -- that people’s shared wisdom and stories, in some way, can help all other community members. As the third employee of eBay, she helped grow the online community from 15,000 members to a robust global community of 20 million. After meeting Alex, a fellow eBay employee, they came up with the idea to create a place where people share their unique personal stories in a way we once did on the front porch. Unlike social networks on the web where people connect over shared acquaintances, Tokoni helps you connect through shared experiences.

You can now find Mary Lou and Alex sitting on their virtual porch swing exchanging stories with their fellow community members, creating bonds and friendships at

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