Mat Gleason

Critic, Curator, Author

Founder of the highly controversial Coagula Art Journal, Mat Gleason is an internationally recognized art critic and curator of contemporary art. His on-screen presence adds weight in some artist biographical films, such as "Mr. Bitchin'" (2010) and "One Man Band" (2013), where he passionately advocates for the greatness of artists Robert Williams and Llyn Foulkes, respectively. But Gleason is most known for his aversion to established orthodoxies and his fearlessness in voicing an informed opinion. In the Ovation TV series "Art Or Not?" (2007) he trashed popular fine art superstar Sheppard Fairey in a memorable verbal laceration that earned him the scorn of street art fanboys and the admiration of those who would not "Obey" conventional art wisdom. In the Bobby Sheehan-directed "Jeff Koons: Beyond Heaven" (2009), Gleason emerges as the lone voice bent on removing the emperor's clothes and critiquing the lack of substance int he artist's work and Koons' well-manicured persona. His sharp analytical tongue and ability to articulate aesthetics served him well in his biggest role to date, analyzing and critiquing the competitive body painting in "Skin Wars: Fresh Paint", the 2015-16 television series where he sat as one of the regular judges.