Mathew Preprost

Wondering about what's beyond the stars.

Like most boys at a young age, Mathew Preprost wanted to be an astronaut. Then one day, his fascination with planets and aliens subsided, and he decided he would be a police officer or a fireman. He wanted to be a hero. As a teenager, while watching CSI at 8 p.m., he decided he wanted to be a forensic scientist. At 9 p.m., he changed his mind and wanted to be a doctor after watching ER.

Somewhere along the line, after failed attempts of becoming a famous rock star, an A-list Hollywood filmmaker and following a short-stint at a call centre (which he recalls as one of the most soulless experiences in his life), he found himself enrolled in college and is now a journalism student.

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, he runs the popular lost and found blog,

He is currently trying to find the first words to the first sentence of the first chapter of his first novel.

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