Matt Brown


Matt Brown is running for the United States Senate because he believes we need new leaders with the energy and conviction to stand up to President Bush and the special interests to get our country back on track.

In August, Matt became the first U.S. Senate candidate to call on President Bush to set a timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq. More than 7,000 Rhode Islanders have since joined Matt’s call for President Bush to set a timetable to bring our troops home.

Matt was elected Secretary of State of Rhode Island in November 2002. In the 2002 Democratic primary, Matt won 58% of the vote, defeating an incumbent who had the full backing of the political establishment. Matt went on to win the general election with 68% of the vote.

A graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School, Matt helped found City Year Rhode Island – a successful public service organization that has changed the lives of thousands of young adults and made communities safer and stronger. From cleaning up neighborhoods overrun with gang violence to running after-school tutoring programs, Matt and City Year have made a real difference for Rhode Island and across the country.

Working directly in the community for 10 years, Matt saw that people have extraordinary potential and a tremendous drive to succeed. But too often, they aren’t able to reach that potential and live a good life because the basic things people need aren't there anymore - a good school, affordable college, health care. Matt saw that the promise of America was broken.

Matt believes the problem lies in Washington. He believes that the politicians don’t work for real change because they are afraid to stand up to the powerful special interest groups who want to keep things the way they are – at the expense of people.

The Pawtucket Times wrote: “Brown, 35, has been an unusually visible secretary of state in his first two years on the job, particularly in taking the forefront on the issue of access to health insurance and the affordability of prescription drugs.” Matt heard from seniors that the cost of prescription drugs was skyrocketing out of control. So Matt did something about it and helped form RIMeds - a program allowing Rhode Islanders to purchase safe, affordable prescription drugs from Canada.

Matt took the corruption at the Rhode Island State House head on. For years, the powerful special interest groups had funneled money to elected officials to influence their votes. Matt fought these special interests, requiring all lobbyists to publicly disclose any money they give to elected officials – and put an end to the days when special interests could buy influence at the expense of the public.

Matt, his wife Marisa and their newborn daughter Ella live in Providence.

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