Matt Jones

Optimistic Development Guy, Principled Christian, Frustrated Republican

Matt is passionate about life and eager to see advancement in the world around him. He understands the importance of “being the change” and has tried to live his life with a proactive mindset. To that end, he has spent years working with at-risk youth in Greater Philadelphia and in economic development in Haiti. He currently resides with his wife and two daughters in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He has served as both the Managing Director and In-Country Director for Poverty Resolutions, the nonprofit he co-founded with his brother Andrew.

A republican by birth, Matt has gradually become more and more frustrated with the modern Republican Party. He has observed its decline over the past decade but is optimistic that a return to principled thinking, reasonable policies, and smart leadership will benefit the party and the American people as a whole. Eventually, Matt desires to return to Pennsylvania in order to run for office. He believes that a responsible and thoughtful Republican Party can help strengthen America again, as it did during the Reagan Era.

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