Matt Semino

Attorney and Legal Analyst

Matt Semino is a New York City based attorney and legal analyst who covers headline-grabbing legal and political news. He has reported extensively on high-profile trials and current affairs from a legal perspective. Matt has appeared as a legal analyst on FOX News' Hannity, MSNBC, HLN's Dr. Drew On Call and Jane Velez-Mitchell, INSIDE EDITION, truTV's IN SESSION, NBC New York, PIX 11 News, WABC's Geraldo Rivera Show, and CBC News. His commentary has also been featured on NPR Radio as well as in The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune.

In addition to his comprehensive private practice experience, Matt has provided legal defense and advocacy representation to economically marginalized clients in New York. His political background includes working in the U.S. Department of Justice as a Harry S. Truman Scholar, the U.S. Senate, and the British Parliament as a research fellow with the London School of Economics. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School, Cornell University and was a Fulbright Scholar in Asia. Matt can be contacted at and on Twitter @MattSemino.