Dr. Matthew Weed

Blind and diabetic Yale, Princeton, Harvard alum; skier, kayaker, speaker, consultant, and agent for health professions training reform

Dr. Matthew Weed graduated from Yale, Princeton, and Harvard with degrees in political science, public policy and genetics. He’s a totally blind and brittle diabetic world traveler, rollerblading marathoner, skier, and kayaker. He was the first Associate Director for the $150 million Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. He is currently a motivational speaker, a speaker and consultant on “how patients experience disease”, and college/health professions educational search consultant. Dr. Weed advocates for humane patient centered healthcare. He has mentored hundreds of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. He is working on a book in which more than 100 people who chose to join him on his amazing life journey say why they did, and how knowing him has impacted their lives. Learn more at and @drmatthewweed on Instagram and twitter.