Matt Ebert

Farmer, Writer, Agitator

My father instilled in me a love for the word, handing me a copy of George Orwell's 'Down and Out in Paris and London' as a young man, and saying it reminded him of me. I grew up on a farm, though we produced nothing so tangible as black walnuts. I do remember planting rows of those trees. Years later, they formed a small forest. Pete Seeger taught me to sing. He came to my childhood home, and he brought his banjo. Also, Rocky Graziano, the Rock, he came to our farm. He put his big fists up to my sister's face, told her to put her dukes up, and forever instilled my love of the ring. I crawled under the table to look at his gargantuan legs, and I waited for the crash of my sister's fist in his palms. Later, the eighties and nineties, I toiled in low budget movies as a writer, and an artist. I got a corporate job when I needed health insurance. I got arrested at Trump Tower, again in the eighties. Now, I farm; I am a writer and a farmer.