Matthew Rappaport

Huffington Post Fellow, Google+

Matthew Rappaport is a Huffington Post Fellow for Google+. He is one of a few people of note who hosts Hangouts On Air on Google+/YouTube. Rappaport is known for his marathon shows with the most interesting people in the world. He's done time on many a film and TV set, enough to get his SAG card. Which is convenient because he has a BFA in Musical Theater/Theater and studied in Oxford. Rappaport directed one feature, along with major involvement in shorts and web series. The man acts for fun but makes a living as a host and social media crackerjack. He can explain it to you and make it work for you, not against you. When it comes to Google+ ace. A native New Yorker, he travels to wherever he is needed, like the National Finals Rodeo Fanfest Social Arena and the American Country Awards.