Matthew Segal


Matthew Segal is the co-founder and President of ATTN (, a new media company with a mission to inform, educate and empower millennials as well as encourage social change. He oversees daily commentary, videos and news articles that break down important issues. Previously, Segal was the co-founder and president of, an advocacy group for young Americans, where he led campaigns to expand job opportunities, voting rights and civic education. Under his leadership, registered hundreds of thousands of voters; rallied celebrities, artists and musicians to educate millions through social media; and built state-of-the-art voting technology to assist people with ballot questions. In 2009, Segal co-led the 80 Million Strong Coalition, which was the largest campaign of organizations in the U.S. addressing youth unemployment and other economic issues. He is a contributor to MSNBC and has been a guest on "Today," "Real Time With Bill Maher" and "CBS Evening News." Segal graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio in 2008.