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Hi, I'm Matthew Fray. (Most people call me Matt or "idiot.") I'm a 37-year-old divorced single dad. My marriage ended in 2013 and I thought it was bad. Like, really bad. Then, while trying to figure out how and why it happened, I discovered it was for pretty much the same reasons EVERY divorce happens. The implications of that are staggering. So, now I write about relationships, but not in a super lovey-dovey feely kind-of way. I write about them because they are the foundation of our lives, and most of us are getting it wrong, thus have crappy lives. There are a few core concepts the average person rarely or never thinks about as they navigate daily life. NOT thinking about them is why everyone is accidentally destroying their relationships. It's a problem. And I irreverently try to be part of the solution. Like a less-badass Deadpool, or a more-badass counselor minus any sort of professional certification. But the great thing about TRUTH is that it always holds up to scrutiny. You can read more about that at my digital home,