Mary Catherine McAnnally Scott

In my head, I'm Tina Fey. In reality, I'm more Liz Lemon.

Here are some important things about Mary Catherine: She has a dog named Tom Hanks. She is pretty awesome at The Office trivia. Not piddly trivia - deep tracks trivia. Try her. Especially if you are, too - I bet you'll be friends. She thinks there is no such thing as bad pizza. She doesn't have a lower back tattoo, but if she did, it would be her husband's face in full color alongside the Chinese lettering for "Pass the mashed potatoes." Because, go big or go home. She hopes people would describe her as kind and funny, in that order. And, if neither, maybe that she had good teeth. More concretely, she has a background in education reform through Teach For America, is married to a dentist named Jordan, is originally from Alabama but now lives in Asheville. She blogs about everything from The Bachelor to more substantial things like sifting through issues of race or how to spot sexism in politics. Come hang out. She'll make you some biscuits from scratch. Avatar photo by Leslee Mitchell.

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