Megan Leigh Byrd

Native Nashvillian, author.

MEGAN LEIGH BYRD (The Brunette) is a native Nashvillian who has an inspiring lack of musical talent. Unable to use a capo, but fancying the word, she decided to pursue a career in books. Currently she is the editor at a publishing house of the political and current event persuasion and spends most of her days spilling coffee on manuscripts and talking with congressmen. Her writing has appeared in magazines you frequently use as coasters. Megan earned her B.A. in English from an artsy school in Nashville in 2006. Her experiences have led her to write all over the world where she has enjoyed transportation via donkey, motorcycle and slightly inebriated taxi driver. She has a penchant for travel and a problem saying no, which often leads to incidents one should never mention in public. She lives in Nashville on the wrong side of the street with a female boxer named Chuck and a yard filled with crabgrass. She has no picket fence, no bitterness and no god-forsaken southern accent. Megan is currently accepting applications for a husband, which can filed at the department of They Told Me I’d Be Married By Now.

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