Megan Peterson

Working mom, Pinterest avoider, sucker for honesty, lover of humor, blogger at

Megan Peterson is a writer living in Chicago with her husband and three kids who supply a surplus of extraordinary everyday moments to inspire her (always honest and often humorous) blog, She writes behind the scenes for clients by day and alternates family time with friends and fermented beverages, by night. As a reader and writer, Megan has an insatiable appetite for tales of truth that connect us to celebrate milestones, lick collective wounds, see things from a different point of view, laugh at ourselves and support others. Her hobbies include avoiding Pinterest (can’t fail if you don’t try), baby talking to her cat, teaching her kids throwback dances (their tootsie roll is sick), perfecting the accent of her Steel Magnolias spirit animal (Truvy) and calculating the millions of dollars she'd owe her friends and family in therapy bills, if she actually paid them. Connect with her on Facebook.